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Physical Threat Assessments

Expert Security Guidance

Physical security remains a primary concern for organizations with a brick-and-mortar presence. We help our clients identify the vulnerabilities and physical risks to their facilities by conducting a comprehensive physical threat assessment. We then create a threat preparedness security plan outlining the steps required to help mitigate risk.

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Risk Mitigation Implementation

Achieve Your Security Goals

Using the comprehensive threat preparedness security plan created from a physical threat assessment, we are able to help organizations properly implement their customized security plan efficiently and effectively by consulting with in-house teams or third-party vendors.

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Certified Security Guard Training

Maximize Security Measures

Our approach is to ensure commercial security guards and trainees understand relevant industry laws to help minimize risk to themselves and their employers, as well as avoid potential legal issues. We help to empower security officers with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully address high-risk situations, so they feel confident when faced with a security-related event.

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